U.S Diplomats Visit Stella Maris College

On the 20th of April Mr. Robert Kingman and Mr. Adrian Pratt of the U.S Embassy in The Hague visited Stella Maris College.

diplomats.jpgThey addressed our 3rd year FLE pupils during an especially arranged meeting in the former library.

Hearing English or American spoken by native speakers is a wonderful learning experience for our pupils.

The two U.S diplomats talked about different subjects; working for the America embassy, working in different stations all over the world, being part of a government system that aims at creating global understanding and creating peace. Mr. Pratt even shared his personal experiences about being naturalized as a U.S citizen.
The views they shared with our pupils are valuable building stones in the preparation of teenagers for our turbulent global society.

Their messages have made a tremendous impression on our pupils. They gave the visiting U.S diplomats their undivided attention.
Their questions and their attentive and polite behaviour have made the FLE teachers proud they teach such wonderful pupils.

Stella Maris College hopes that Mr. Kingman and Mr. Pratt or other representatives of the American Embassy or Consulate will visit our school again in the near future.